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The Chamber Membership Application provides extensive information on ways to take full advantage of your Membership.  Benefits range from in-office referrals, marketing promotion, job board posting and social media shoutout services, to even more.  Feel free to contact us if you need additional information!


Membership Benefits - At a Glance

Chamber Membership is more than advertising and promotions.  Yes, Membership gets you referrals, gets your business in front of customers, and gets you access to quality labor pools and industry resources.

But what does your Membership really do?  Your membership dollars enable the Chamber to launch and host events and programming to better the community (think After Hours, family events, Holiday Decorating Competitions, Visitors Guide creation and distribution, and so on and so forth...).

It's through Membership which empowers the Chamber to provide these community services - and more - as well as business and visitor recruitment.  It's through Membership which allows the Chamber to attend thousands of meetings for business resources - we know it's challenging for business owners and operators to attend all of these - so we do it for you and culminate this information into one easy-to-understand, easy-to-access resource.

You might not always see a concrete dollar-for-dollar return on your investment every day.  It's sometimes difficult to quantify what Chamber Membership "gets you" - because Membership is a long-term investment - and it's often an invisible investment.  But, it is YOUR investment - and it's a valuable investment into making this community a better place to work and live.

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